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The oldest carpet in the world

The oldest Iranian hand-woven carpets in 1949. In the second stage, the Russian archaeologist, discovered and named Rudenko in the Pazyryk Pazyryk carpet was called. Rudenko in a book published in Russia in 1953 on the occasion of this discovery, the discovered carpet on detailed mapping and it is explicitly stated that Iran and the oldest Persian carpet in the world. He wrote: "Without being able to specify that this carpet belongs to Medians territory which the Party (Khorasan old) or bark, the history of these carpets and fabrics that were discovered in Pazyryk fifth century or early fourth century BC diagnosed. " Then he adds: "the history of the horse riders on the carpet. How the war horses that have spread to the saddle carpet and fabric on the chest on the back of the horse, but on the carpet Pazyryk tiny Assyrian profile various plantations and how to tie a horse's tail, seen in the reliefs of Persepolis. " At the domination of the Mongols (thirteenth and fourteenth centuries), carpet weaving technique was extremely sublime beauty. Perhaps with the burgeoning industry Ghazan Khan (1307-1295 AD) coincided. But the pinnacle of classical Persian carpet Iranian carpet is referred to as the Safavid monarchs Renaissance (1722-1499 AD), especially during the rule of Shah Tahmasp (1587-1524 CE) and Shah Abbas the Great (1629-1587 AD) recorded have. Who remained from the period of 3000 carpets of the world's great museums or in private collections...